VGA Cooler

Deepcool V95 VGA COOLER 10 cm

Rp110,000 Ex Tax: Rp110,000

Application For43mm Mounting holes53mm Mounting holes NVIDIA GeForce GT 240NVIDIA Geforce 8500/8600/7300/7600/6000(Except 6600 AGP Series)ATI Radeon HD 6700(6770/6750)ATI Radeon HD 5700(5770/5750..

NZXT Kraken G10 ( Black / Blue / Red / White )

Rp410,000 Ex Tax: Rp410,000

 Warranty2 Years (Removing your stock cooler will potentially void your GPU warranty, NZXT is not liable for any damage resultant of incorrect installation.)EAN5060301691005 (White) 50603016..

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