Deepcool CAPTAIN 120 EX

Rp 890,000


Application For

Intel Socket 150W


High End Desktop i7
Core i7 Extreme/i7/i5/i3
Pentium G
Celeron G

Technical Spec

Fan Dimensions 120X120X25mm
Net Weight 894±10g
Fan Speed 500±200-1800±10%RPM
Fan Air Flow 76.52CFM(MAX)
Fan Air Pressure 3.31mmH2O(MAX)
Fan Life Expectancy 50000 hours
Fan Noise Level 17.6~31.3dB(A)
Fan Bearing Type Hydro Bearing
Fan Connector 4Pin
Fan Rated Voltage 12VDC
Fan Rated Current 0.12±10%A(MAX)
Fan Power Consumption 1.44W
Main system Dimensions 92.5X93X85mm
Radiator Dimensions 154X120X27mm
Radiator Material Aluminum
Pump Life Expectancy 120000 hours
Pump Connector 3Pin
Pump Operating Voltage 6~13.8VDC
Pump Rated Voltage 12VDC
Pump Speed 2100±10%RPM
Pump Current 0.15A(Max)
Pump Power Consumption 1.8W
Tubing Length 310mm
EAN:6933412726012 (AM4) P/N:DP-GS-H12L-CT120A4
EAN:6933412725817 P/N:DP-GS-H12L-CT120EX

Product Dimension

CAPTAIN EX Series has preserved most key features from the previous CAPTAIN version : Styled with Steam Punk appearance, built with visible liquid flow and LED lightening. In addition, CAPTAIN EX Series will bring you upgraded anti-explosion rubber and high-density water micro-channel, unique silent TF 120 double-blade fan, as well as updated tooling free installation solution, which will dramatically improve your heat dissipation experience, especially in terms of stability, silence, efficiency and convenience.
Crazy Steam Punk Appearance
The unique reactor-style pump housing.
Long lifetime ceramic bearing with MTTF 120,000 hours.
Updated tooling free installation solution,
solid 100% metal material clip.
Perfect Aesthetic Functionality
Classic black- red version offering an awesome
sensation not only to your CPU cooling
but also your aesthetic demand.
High-Density Aluminum Fins
120mm aluminum fins array optimized for a lower fan speed
and noise, also the standard mounting
holes built-in easy to change
new 120mm fan.
New Upgrade, Final Choice
Unique silent TF 120 double-blade fan to offer a
higher air pressure for radiator, more
efficient to take heat away.
Equipped With Multiple Clips To Support
Upgraded high-density water microchannel with powerful self-governed circulation system, 10% more efficient heat dissipation.
Three-phase induction motor built-in the powerful closed impeller. The stronger liquid flow &bigger delivery head.
Upgraded anti-explosion rubber tube, anti-corrosion, crush resistance & thermostable material.
Weight 2 kg


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