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Rexus Gladius GX200 is a wireless gamepad, made specifically for mobile gaming. With Bluetooth wireless connection technology, this gamepad can be more practical and easy to connect with various mobile phones, both Android and iOS platforms.

Once you connect the GX200 to your smartphone, you can immediately take full control of all the functions and features of mobile gaming and perform a variety of captivating actions. The ergonomic design will make sure you to feel more comfortable and easier to play.

  • Bluetooth connection console for easy, practical and fast connection with a wide variety of mobile phones.
  • Equipped with a compact phone holder.
  • Supported with Turbo feature which optimizes your action while playing games.
  • Made from durable quality materials.
wireless gamepad Rexus Gladius GX200 gx200 mobile gaming gamepad


The Rexus Gladius GX200 Wireless Gamepad is supported with Bluetooth V4.0 wireless connection. Although it is not a relatively new version of Bluetooth, Bluetooth V4.0 is compatible with all versions of Bluetooth, including versions above: versions 4.2 and 5.0. Bluetooth V4.0 is an energy-efficient version of Bluetooth with an average data transfer rate of 1Mb / s.

By using Bluetooth technology, Gladius GX200 can be connected easily and practically to all types of mobile phones, both Android and IOS platforms.


This wireless gamepad is equipped with a cellphone holder or phone holder in each package. This cellphone stand can be installed easily and will grip your cellphone firmly and precisely so it will not fall easily.


With an ergonomic and anti-slip grip or grip design, controlling mobile game becomes more optimal. The ideal size support, which is 155 x 102 x 30mm and weighs 211 grams, makes this GX200 gamepad comfortable and promises maximum freedom of movement when combined with your favorite smartphone.


This wireless gamepad is equipped with a Turbo button, which is a semi-automatic button that makes multiple actions with the long press of one button. By pressing the Turbo button with the desired action button simultaneously, you can activate the turbo feature easily.


There are two compatibility modes on the Gladius GX200, namely with Instant Play mode and with Keylinker software support. For Android and IOS devices, compatible games are games that can be played in Instant Play mode. For another gaming experience that Instant Play mode doesn’t support, download the Keylinker app for Android and IOS.

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Gamepad Specifications

Bluetooth version: V4.0

Bluetooth range: Up to 8m

Battery Capacity: 600mAh

Duration of Operation: Up to 14 hours

Standby Time: Up to 35 days

Input Current / Power: DC 4.5 ~ 5.5V / 400mA

Instant Play Mode: Yes

Motion sensor: Yes

Compatibility: Android, IOS

Dimensions: 155 x 102 x 30mm

Weight: 211gram

Package Contents

1 Gladius GX200 Wireless Gamepad

1 cell phone holder

1 charging cable

1 piece of instructions for use

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