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The most common hindrance faced by console user is the cable which sooner or later will be tangled and curled. This problem might disturb the gaming experience. Rexus Gladius GX100 – wireless gamepad comes to provide the convenient gaming experience with connection of 2.4GHz radio frequency.


The turbo button provided by this gamepad is a semiautomatic button which is suitable for shooting games where it will switch a button on and off repeatedly in a fast speed.


With the dimension of 158 x 103 x 69 mm and the weight of 189 grams, this gamepad is made specifically for the size of Asian hands. This ideal size gamepad will be comfortable to use and increase precision control.


Gamepad Wireless Rexus GX100 can be connected to Android, PC, and Playstation 3 and also comes with USB On The Go (OTG) feature. This feature means the connected device will be the “host” or “master” of the activity.


Integrated Dual Mode X-input and Direct-input which is compatible for every game.
Wireless Technology 2.4GHz, with a range of 8 meters.
Battery Lithium Polymer 600mAh with operating duration of 12 hours.
Charging Duration 2 – 3 hours.
Analog Stick Eccentric 360? more comfortable control.
D Cross 8-way Button for optimized accuracy.
Double and Bumper Analog.
12 useful buttons, including [Home], [Start], [Select], and others.
Backlit Buttons [A], [B], [X] [Y].
Special Button “Rapid Fire” with [Turbo] Mode.
Vibrator Dual Motor to optimized gaming experience
Compability PlayStation 3, Android (Except Redmi), Windows XP and beyond.
LED LED indicator (when recharging, disconnecting power, and others).
Receiver Nano USB
Cable Length (For Charging) 1m ± 5cm
Dimension 158mm x 103mm x 69mm
Weight 190 gram
Package Weight 328 gram
Package Dimension 170 x 65 x 200 mm


Rexus Gladius GX100 is a wireless gamepad which can connect to Android, PC, and Playstation 3. With wireless connection of 2.4GHz radio frequency, it helps you to have the most enjoyable gaming experience without hindrance. Connect this gamepad to your device and optimize your gaming performance now!

Superior Features:

  • Console can be connected to Android/PC/PS3,
  • Vibration feature to optimize the gaming sensation,
  • Comes with 2 meters long and strong cable with dual connection (0,5 micro meter),
  • USB cable to speak (1,5 meter USB cable),
  • Supported with Turbo feature to optimize your game,
  • Made out of durable material,
  • Completed with driver software.
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