Armaggedddon T2Z MICROTRON

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T2Z Microtron

Excellent tower design for gaming.

The T2Z Microton can accommodate full-sized motherboards, with support for up to 5 x 120mm fans. The chassis is also able to support high-end graphic cards up to 320mm in length.

The size of the T2Z Microtron allows it to hold up to 2 solid state drives. User accessibility is enhanced with USB 3.0 ports on the front panel, with HD Audio Ready ports also available.

Forget about messy chassis interiors, as the T2Z Microtron is equipped with hidden cable management routes, allowing you to safely tuck your cables away to give your set-up a neater look.

The inner structure of the T2Z Microton is fully black coated, and the steel structure is 0.4mm SPCC, accompanied by a translucent side panel.


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Excellent gaming tower design with fully Black coated chassis


  • Supports up to 2 X solid state drives
  • Easy access USB 3.0 in front
  • HD Audio ready
  • Hidden Cable management routes
  • Chassis support up to 5 x 120mm fan
  • Support Hi-end graphic cards(up to 320mm length)
  • Translucent side panel
  • Full black coated inner structure
  • 0.4mm SPCC steel structure
Weight15 kg


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